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Timestandard 3 Time and Attendance Solution 50 Employees, for On The Road Workers, Office and Homeworkers. Smartphone and PC Clocking. Inc 10 rates of pay, Holidays & Sickness, Working Time Directive, Bradford Factor Report, Payroll Export, HR Module.

50 employee version - for larger please call
Price (ex VAT): £899.00
(inc VAT): £1078.80

With Timestandard’s PC and Smartphone/device live clocking, you can get clocking data and manage your remote workers, homeworkers and office personnel in one package. With real-time attendance data, you can now finally invest all of your precious time into growing your business.

Timestandard 3 for Windows with SQL database is available in various sizes to 5,000 employees. 

For more information click on the Timestandard Solution 


Timestandard also supports terminals with the following communications -
Data collection terminal options available, some at extra cost TCP/IP network, Wifi, USB stick, USB/232, GSM mobile.

Job/Labour tracking for smartphone/device and PC available - please ask

Technologies - Timestandard also supports the following technologies - Biometric Face - Biometric Hand Swipe - Proximity Badge/tag - Landline Clocking

Upgrades - Timestandard can be upgraded to more employees over the phone so it can grow with you.

Support - 3 months FREE Support - is by dial into your PC

Extra software users - Optional Multi-User with Multi-Level Password Protection

How does it work? - the employee simply launches the app on their smartphone, device or PC and clocks in or out.
This solution will also support clocking in at terminals call us for more information.


 Calculates hours worked or pay

 Can auto deduct for lunch part/not taken

 Calculates holiday pay and sickness

 Can auto deduct for lateness

 Exports to Payroll

 Live Key Personnel Display

 Bradford Factor reporting

 Auto email of no-shows

 Fire Roll Call Reports anywhere

 Can deduct for cigarette breaks

 Working Time Directive Reporting

 10 rates of hours/pay


Max number of clock in/out per day  Unlimited Max number of departments  Unlimited
Cigarette break clockings Unlimited Max number of pay periods  Unlimited
Max number of roster patterns  Unlimited Max number of Tea/lunch breaks per shift Unlimited
Max number of shift patterns  Unlimited Pay period length  Unlimited
Software Copies of Live ‘Key Personnel Displays   Unlimited Shift rotation allowed Yes
Software Copies of concurrent Fire Roll Call Unlimited Max number of companies in software Yes

Please read the specifications page to ensure you have a compatible operating system and network 

If you need more then call
0800 808 7733. 

What do you get? 

Timestandard Time and Attendance software, Fire Roll Call Report software, Live Key Personnel Display 
software and Payroll Export on CD. Full instructions.

Accessories to go with your order
add a Fingerprint terminalGC38995£625.00
add a Face Recognition terminalFacetrac£695.00
Key Fearures
Export and Payroll


 Calculates hours worked or pay in any currency

  • Standard hours and 9 rates of overtime - you can re-name the rates to suit you.
  • Overtime authorisation feature
  • Can auto deduct for Lunch part/mot taken, other breaks, lateness and early departure 
  • Also allows authorised users to add, edit or delete transactions
  • Use the smartphone and PC module for drivers and remote workers.
  • Remote worker

The Live Attendance Dashboard

This is a feature that runs a display on your PC that shows who is in or out and updates all the time. Great for managers and receptionist - you can see who’s in, who’s gone to lunch etc. This feature can be that you can install on as many PC’s as you require. 

Smartphone and PC clocking location verification

Phone Clock-in
Graphical Shift Rostering Calendar - change shifts in a second

Employees may be on set shift every week. With most systems, you have to create complexly new shifts just for that one occurrence. However, with Timestandard you can change any or all days or employees to any other shift with a click of the mouse. Timestandard shift rostering calendar allows you to allocate employees with a click.

Reduce Overtime Mis-use

Timestandard has a set of features to stop employees from abusing overtime. Like missing a day during the week and trying to get overtime at the weekend. You can set Timestandard to stop this. See the time cards for an example. The example can also be overridden by an authorised person if required

Keep records of Licence expiry relevant to the workplace

Time Card Reporting

  • Prints full-time card activity report - many options - including terminal used, shift applied, and missed clockings
  • Reports automatically highlight missed clockings, lateness, absence, breaks exceeded early departure etc
  • Reports highlight lateness in red or bold
Time Card Reporting

Check Historical Information Easily

Check Historical Information Easily

Category Report

Category Report

Other Reports

Time Card Report

Who's in/not in Report

Missed clockings Report

Working Time Directive Report

Bradford Factor Report

Fire Roll call report

Employee Record Report

Location Report

Sickness Report

Holiday Report

Absence Pattern Report (Category)

Exporting data to Payroll programs or Excel.

You can export your time cards and other information to any payroll package on the UK market and to Excel spreadsheets.

  • Automatically calculates the correct figures for payroll export
  • Export for Sage payroll/other - automating your payroll even more
  • Information can also be exported for use in third-party software such as HR and Personnel packages
  • Print, view on screen or save reports to disk for later review

Timestandard can export your payroll data in any of the following formats

Paystandard® format

Microsoft Excel format

Rich Text format



CSV format

Text file

Simplified Microsoft Excel

Device Requirements

Smartphone or device operating IOS or Android operating system, compatible browser, internet connection.


Timestandard Software PC minimum requirements: 

Standard Windows Intel-compatible processor (Intel, AMD etc),
2gb RAM,
2GB hard disk space free,
CD-ROM drive,
Operating systems supported are properly licensed, legal and current copies of Windows Vista, 7, 8, Windows 10; desktop versions. Not guaranteed to work on Windows RT, Windows for devices or emulation packages such as the WINE project or virtual environments.

All operating systems 32bit or 64 bit with no sub-systems restrictions.