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ProxTime 100 - Accurate & Reliable Time & Attendance Solution with FREE Fire Roll call, FREE RFID Tags, 12 Months FREE Support and Sage Payroll Import Software. 1 Year warranty. Thousands Sold!! FREE Delivery.

The user presents a previously enrolled Keyring RFID tag to clock in/out. That is all. Simples! with FREE Fire Report, FREE Payroll Export, FREE Key Personnel Displays and 12 months FREE Support
Price (ex VAT): £295.00
(inc VAT): £354.00

 Standard Pay and Overtime

 Deduct for Cigarette Breaks

 Employee Rostering

 Unlimited Shift Patterns

 Unlimited Lunch/ Tea Breaks

 Auto-Deduct for Lateness

 Overtime abuse clawback feature

 Daily and Weekly Overtime

 Automatic or Clocked Breaks/both

 Exports to all Payroll Programs

 Reports in hours/ minutes or decimals

 2 Different time card reports

Number of clock in/out per day  Unlimited Number of departments  Unlimited
Cigarette break clockings Unlimited Number of pay periods  Unlimited
Number of roster patterns  Unlimited Tea/lunch breaks Unlimited
Number of shift patterns  Unlimited Pay period length  Unlimited
Number of Key Personnel Displays  Unlimited Shift rotation Yes
Number of concurrent Fire Reports Unlimited Optional PIN instead of RFID tag Yes
Number of companies  Unlimited Optional USB pen drive download installed Yes


Whats in the box? 

Time and Attendance software, Fire Roll Call Report, Key Personnel Display and Payroll Export on CD. Terminal , Mounting Backplate, Network Cable, 3 Pin Power Adaptor.

Accessories to go with your order
Additional ProxTime terminal no softwarePRT1UK£230.00
Key Features
Export and Payroll

Working Hours and Pay

  • Overtime can be applied by time of day, day of week, after x hours per day, after x hours per week.

Calculates hours worked, sorts pay into standard and overtime - even deducts for any breaks so you don't have to! 

  • Also allows you to add, edit or delete transactions - to restrict too much overtime - easily add transactions for drivers and remote workers.
  • Overtime rules and clawback facility. Claw back overtime from any rate if x hours not worked per day or week at normal rate. For example - if you pay Saturday overtime BUT only after 40 hours have been worked Monday to Friday you can claw back Saturday overtime and pay at normal rate until 40 hours at normal rate is reached then the remainder is then Saturday overtime.
  • Overtime can be accrued by number of hours worked, by time of day (time band), by shift, day of week and pay period. You can name overtime rates to suit you. 

Multi user software option - with user access permisssions

Fire Roll Call Reporting. 

Run automatic, on demand and up-to-date fire roll call reports in cases of emergency!  Our fire report gives you greater confidence by allowing an instant roll call if required- great for Health and Safety. 

The Live Attendance Dashboard

See in real-time who is on or off the premises - have this utility running on multiple PCs in your company so anyone can see who is 'IN' or 'OUT'. 

Graphical Shift Rostering Calendar - change shifts in a second.

There is no limit to the number of clockings or breaks per shift and you can allocate an employee to a different shift every day. The shift rostering calendar allows you to allocate employees with a click.- by day of the week/department etc

Lateness Retrieval Facility

The software has intelligent rounding rules so you only pay for the exact time worked. Round forward/back for late arrivals, long lunches, early departures, lunch not taken - so you only pay for the hours worked.

Reporting Facility

Summary time cards, detailed time cards, fire roll call reports and more! See the reporting tab for full details. 

 Time Card Reporting.

  • Prints full time card activity report - many options - including terminal used, shift applied, and missed clockings. 
    Click on 'View software guide' above to see the version you require.
  • Reports automatically highlight missed clockings, lateness, absence, breaks exceeded early departure etc.
  • Reports highlight lateness in red or bold.

 Fire Roll Call Reporting.

Run automatic, on demand and up-to-date fire roll call reports in cases of emergency! 
Our fire report gives you greater confidence by allowing an instant roll call if required- great for Health and Safety.

  • The Fire roll call report automatically documents every transactions as they happen for an accurate, on the spot roll call.
  • Run on mulitple PC's each with it own selection of employees.
  • This report can be set to run automatically or on demand- straight to smart phone or to your printer for rapid tear off in case of evacuation.

 Even more.

  • Who’s not in reports
  • Export reports easily to pdf, excel, or word processing programs.
  • Time card report to show the hours worked, leave report to see what holiday/sickness has been taken and missed clockings report etc.

 Exporting data to Payroll programs or Excel

You can export your time card data and other information to 3rd party payroll or Excel spreadsheets.

ProxTime can export to almost all known payroll systems.

ProxTime systems also come complete with Paystandard - A Sage Payroll import program. With a Paystandard payroll link these figures can be imported into Sage Payroll automatically.

Paystandard allows you to import all hours worked for all employees into the 'Enter Payments' section in Sage Payroll. This is done with the click of a button and takes just seconds to process.

Paystandard can save your payroll department hours of lost time in manual data entry.

  • Automatically calculates the correct figures for payroll input.
  • Export for Sage payroll/other - automating your payroll even more
  • Information can also be exported for use in third party software such as HR and Personnel packages
  • Print, view on screen or save reports to disk for later review


How the terminal works:
Each employee presents their badge or tag to the terminal and once recognised this creates an in/out transaction. The terminal displays the result of the attempt along with an audible message. There is no doubt if they have been accepted or rejected. The ProxTime software at the PC also allows authorised personnel to add, modify or delete those transactions. The terminal is normally connected to your network for ease of use.

If you have no network you can download transfer data to a USB stick and data transfer at a PC.


Robust ABS construction
Large LCD display
Wall mount
Communications all fitted as standard: TCP/IP - LAN/WAN 10/100 Mbit, USB stick
Transaction capacity: 50000 transactions thats enough for space for the data of 200 employees for 3 months (Downloading transactions to PC restores the capacity)

Environment: 0° - 40° C
Standards: CE, FCC
Power supply: 240v 3 pin adaptor

Software Specifications

ProxTime Software only operates on Windows platform and is multi-department, multi-company and can run on a stand-alone PC or networked.

PC *minimum* requirements: 
Standard Windows Intel-compatible processor (Intel, AMD etc), 1gb RAM, 200MB hard disk space free, an available and suitable CAT5 network port (for hardware equipped with a network port), communications "COM" port or USB port when using USB to COM adapter or connections.

Operating systems supported must be properly licensed, legal and current copies of Windows 7, 8, Windows 10; desktop versions.

This product is not sold to work on beta or preview versions of Windows, Windows Vista, Windows RT, Windows for devices or emulation packages such as the WINE project, thin client or virtual environments. 

All operating systems must be 32bit or 64 bit with no sub-systems restrictions.

How many people can use the system.

A maximum of 120 employees/students can use the system. It is sold by the number of employees. However, each system comes with one terminal and you may need more considering - number of entrances, queuing at peak times, (and you are paying them whilst they queue) and general throughput. 

Can we upgrade the number of employees later?

Yes, the system can be upgraded to suit your company however many employees you have. If you have more than 120 staff then we have one of the leading time & attendance solutions with our Timestandard system.

How do we upgrade?

You call us, pay for the upgrade and we do it for you.

What are the ongoing costs?

None. There’s no licence fee, once you’ve purchased the system you own it, you may want to opt for a support contract after your free period ends, give us a call to find out the latest prices.

What’s in the box?

Everything to allow you to use the system out of the box. This varies with the system you purchase. The exact details are listed on the website. The system comes with everything you need to get up and running, the clocking terminal, the software the cabling. It’s an all in one package.  It also comes pre-programmed with 5 shifts (on models 100 and 200) and uses ‘drag and drop’ to make using it easier.

How does it connect to my PC?

Check the specification page for the features on this terminal.

You have options. Depending on the clocking terminal, either by a

Network cable to network point,

Serial cable direct to a PC or laptop,

USB pen drive - download data to pen drive and take to your PC.

Wifi (if ordered).

GSM (if ordered)

Check the specification page for the features on this terminal.

With USB drive you can download all information onto a USB memory stick and take to the PC. If you need wi-fi or GSM (mobile network) connectivity give us a call.

Can we have more than one clocking terminal?

In most cases yes. Multiple clocks for multiple entrances or multiple sites, all reporting back to the one central piece of software.

What happens if someone forgets to clock in?

If authorised, You can add clockings at the PC.  You can simply make manual transactions to rectify any missing data.

Will the time card work with missing punches?

Yes, the time card will still work, will not crash your PC and will say on the time card that there are missing punches.

How many times can someone clock in?

No limit. As many times as they need to.

What’s the difference between the versions?

All are great time & attendance solutions. The main differences are, 
- the amount of 
rates of overtime, 
number of shifts
holidays and sickness

I don’t use Sage payroll does it work with my payroll?

Yes. As long, as your payroll can accept a .csv format file you can export hours to it, simplifying your payroll processes.

Can we pay overtime?

Yes and in many different and flexible ways. It depends on how you actually pay overtime, but we cater for almost every eventuality.

Models 100 and 200 have 3 overtime rates and you can program to automatically handle overtime

Time band  - During specific time of day, say daily 17.00 to 19.00 at a rate then 19.00 to 21.00 at another rate and Saturday 8.00 to 1pm

After hours worked per day a set number of hours per day, say after 7.50 hours std move extra hours to rate 1 and after 2 hours at rate 1 move extra hours to rate 2, any day by day of week - a specific day in the week, say Saturday rate 2, Sunday rate 3 or weekly - hours worked per pay period, say 37.50 hours rate 1, then after (12.50 hours at rate 1 = 50 hours total) move hours over 50 hours to rate 2 and or overtime after each week in a four weekly cycle.

Overtime Clawback

Let’s suppose an employee can work Saturday at rate 1 overtime, but only if they work 37.50 hours in the week days. You can control this as well. The systems allows you to claw back Saturday

overtime to std pay rate (or any pay rate) until they achieve the required std hors. Then the balance is paid as overtime rate 1.

Yes, its good.

If you have a more complicated pay structure then speak to us about our flagship Timestandard time & attendance solution.

Can we rota staff?

Yes, the system will allow you assign staff to shifts singularly or en masse. For more comprehensive rota requirements speak to us about Timestandard, one of the leading time & attendance packages in the UK.

How many people can use the software?

The system is a single user licence as standard. This allows many people to use the software at a single PC, each can have a login and access privileges to see certain information. You can purchase extra PC user licences as you require.

What happens if someone leaves the company?

You can simply make them inactive. All of their information will remain on the system but don’t appear on any reports and won’t clutter them up.

You can also delete someone from the software you’ll free up a space but their information will no longer be accessible.

Where can we access the software from?

It should be installed on your PC and run from there. You can remotely access using any proprietary software.
If you need CLOUD or dedicated remote access speak to us about our Timestandard solution.

Is training included?

No. You can have this at a cost. However, the systems are designed to be as simple to use as possible and come preconfigured with some shifts and other preset fields. From these you can copy and paste. You get a detailed user manual which explains exactly how to get the system set up and reporting properly. If you feel you require training speak to us about our training packages.

Do you come and install?

If you want this, ask for a quote. However it is extremely easy.

Can we trial the system?

No. The low prices do not allow us that luxury, if we did you wouldn’t be able to get such a great time & attendance system for as low a price as we can offer it.

What happens after my free period of support finishes?

Nothing, the system will continue to function as it always has, the system doesn’t have a licence fee. If you need guidance once your free period finishes you can opt to purchase a support contract which we recommend.  You must do this before expiry of the free period.

What happens if we need more RFID tags/cards?

Either order some more through the website or give us a call.

Can it be used for access control?

No. The system does not handle access control. If that’s something you require give us a call and ask about our flagship Timestandard time and attendance system.


No matter what your Data Protection needs are, all our Time and Attendance products can help you achieve full compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018/GDPR.

In previous versions it was possible to delete personal data within this product comply with the above.  

After ongoing client consultations, we have made significant upgrades to our software to ensure we can support your data protection policies - whatever they may be. 

We know how important it is that you are able to apply your own retention policies to your data, so when you upgrade to our 2020B software, you will have full control over your data*. 

From 2020B version and onwards, this product will support you in managing your legal retention requirements against your deletion policy/requests, allowing you to delete any and all data in line with your own internal policies - ensuring that you remain fully compliant with your own policies and hopefully any new Data Protection laws. 

These changes are not available in previous versions and previous versions cannot be modified to invoke this option. 

If you would like to upgrade for these benefits, please speak to a member of our sales team. 

* You will have to upgrade your older software to benefit from these changes.

24 Jan 2019 v1.01