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Fingerprint GSM Terminal 12 months warranty & FREE support

This solution must be installed and configured by us.
Price (ex VAT): £650.00
(inc VAT): £780.00

Our solution is perfect for those business' that have workers spread over the UK at remote sites where there is no IT infrastructure and espcially where data and reporting needs to be in one central location. A SIM card is used to pass the information over the mobile phone network (that we can supply) and you are free to deploy the terminal anywhere. 


The biometric terminal is placed anywhere in the UK (or Irish Republic also available). People clock in. The clocking data comes from the terminal to your office, and/or to your payroll provider, over the mobile phone network, it does not use anyone's remote site IP network. 

Our terminals can accept up to 10 enrolled fingers so no excuses.

Our skillset is that we can deliver this data direct to your existing HR/Payroll software or one of our software packages. Alternatively, the data can be sent direct to your third party HR payroll providers such as Innovise UK, Sage payroll UK and USA, Pegasus, Epay Chicago USA, and many others CLOUD or local host no matter where in the world they are located.

The main point is our remote data collection easy and reliable and we make it versatile.

We install and configure the software on your remote PC or server, (the host PC).


This installation may require your hosting PC to have a fixed internet IP addresss (You probably already have this or your internet provider can do this easily) 

            A truly amazing time recording terminal that requires no IT on the remote site.

            Check on employee's times - when they came in, out or didn't show up
when they should!

Unlimited clockings per day.

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Accessories to go with your order
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