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No.8 Clock Cards

Price (ex VAT): £40.00
(inc VAT): £48.00

Reccomended retail price: £68.00

Quantity: 1000 per pack

Size: 85.5mm x 140mm

Clock Card Racks are also available.

Clock card racks are for employees to store their clock cards when CLOCKED IN or CLOCKED OUT, placed either side of the clock. Fitting racks will improve clocking speed as it forces traffic in one direction. Don’t use the same racks for both purposes as it creates a traffic jam, it slows clocking, and costs you money.

Fit them so the first rack they naturally walk to when coming to work is the ‘OUT’ rack, they take their card, clock in, and as they move forward they put that card in the ‘IN’ rack.

Stay Organised with a Time Card Rack for this Card, available by clicking here.