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Monitor remote sites. Save time. Prevent losses. Prove attendance.

What is M2M?  It is Machine to machine

Its the ability to have time recording terminals installled at remote sites, that send clockings to a central server over the mobile phone network that you can see at your PC.

It is the ability to see and manage clocking data from these remote locations, at your PC, anywhere, everywhere, within seconds of occurring.

How it is used.

The terminal of your choice is installed at a remote site that has no computer network but has reliable power. Fit to the wall with a SIM card inserted.

Where can it be used?


Our M2M service is one of the most versatile systems in our range. You can use a terminal anywhere; client sites, construction areas, event locations and temporary buildings.

We are ISO27001 accredited - M2M, CLOUD SERVERS and secure data.

What does it require?

A power source for teh terminals, a PC to see results.

How do I see the information?

If hosted at your premises - from your PC 
If web hosted - from your PC or any authorised device with an internet connection.

It really is that simple.

What sort of business is this for?

It’s predominantly for businesses lareg or small that have:

No IT department, No IT infrastructure at remote sites.

Our attendance systems help businesses to manage employees across multiple remote sites without the need for on-site checks, so for companies with a broad geographical remit the convenience and savings in terms of time and travel are huge.

What’s the benefit?

Managing staff over multiple sites will be a straightforward task.

Rather than travelling to many sites, staff can be remotely managed and monitored with total accuracy.

The cost of carrying out this type of work manually would be huge. Time Systems provides a direct link between each of your employees and you, no matter how far away they are. This link will then give you the power to prevent time theft, arrange cover, manage contractors and verify payroll all with a single terminal on site.

We’re the answer for businesses that are looking for greater efficiency and accuracy in workforce management.

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