Case Studies

It would be difficult to explain the flexibility of our company and the solutions that we offer to our clients, in a single web page or even a whole website.

Our aim is to give you an excellent working, useable and manageable solution to our clients without overburdening their current business skillset or infrastructure.

We have provided many normal and many diverse solutions to overcome the problems faced by our clients in the real world.

As a result, our solutions are made for the real world by real people, who help overcome the issues that arise in implementing solutions that probably haven't been noticed yet by worldwide business.

It’s like this - people get paid based on the results we deliver. If they don't get paid on time they may suffer. We ensure that delivery happens. 

Please read some of the case studies to see what we have achieved for our clients.

Commercial Cleaning 1 for 8,000 employees over 500+ sites


Refurbishment Company

Commercial Cleaning 2 over 100+ sites